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Majid Mohammed


Commark Services Limited

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Biodata: Majd S. Mohammed B.A. (Hons.) P.G. Dip. I.R. M.Sc. ACSP, MBA.
Majid is a uniquely qualified professional with approximately over twenty-one (21) years of
experience in the fields of Corporate Communications, Government Relations, Project
Management, Regulatory Affairs, Negotiations, Business Etiquette, Diplomacy and Protocol,
International Relations, Crisis Management, as well as Marketing, Design, Innovation,
Entrepreneurship and Call Centre Management. Majid has extensive experience in Media
and Communications which provides a level of understanding that is critical to organisational
behaviour and culture within Trinidad and Tobago and her myriad of publics.
Majid’s initial experience with international and regional projects began with the
International Projects / Special Projects Unit – NIHERST (Trinidad) working various
Caribbean Countries / Territories on Scientific and Technical Cooperation Programmes
within all regions and communities at various levels and locally delivering on the
Government’s mandate to educate and assist rural communities. Majid’s tenure with the
International Projects Unit, National Institute Higher Education Research Science &
Technology (NIHERST) where he coordinated and completed activities related to the Unit
and project management disciplines. He assisted in disseminating project information to
project stakeholders, monitoring the achievement of project activities on behalf of the project
manager, developing and maintaining project deliverables under the direction of the project
manager, and gathering and inputting data into databases. He is skilled at arranging logistics
for meetings, conferences, training and other project-related events as well as preparing
materials, including reports, presentations, agendas and other meeting collateral. His work
expanded with NIHERST. He has provided strategic expert advice and leadership to
NIHERST’s public and private education and training providers. He has lead this team in
strategy, policy, market research, partnership development, international relations, event
management, marketing and promotions and capacity building.

Majid then joined the team at the Ministry of Works and Transport where he effectively
conveyed, the policies and interests of the Ministry to the public through various modes of
media; including but not limited to; customers, potential customers, shareholders, financiers,
media, government bodies, employees, etc. Again his capabilities were recognized and his
portfolio expanded to include designing and coordinating print and electronic media as well
as marketing events, including press conferences, informational meetings for employees, and
online broadcasts. He was charged with answering enquiries, composing press releases and
maintaining a media contact list. He was charged with maintaining the Ministry’s online
content, including both the external website and internal employee intranet.
His aptitude brought him into the Advertising / Marketing and Specialist Consultancy
responsible for handling organisations’ functions, including community, media,
governmental and industry relations. He also effectively managed; interest group
representation, political campaigns, investor and employee relations and conflict mediation,
becoming the Single Point Contact (SPC) for international clients such as BP and Alcoa
among local and regional companies.

Service to state was of concern to Majid and his fellow citizens he was then recruited by the
Office of the Prime Minister, Social Services Delivery as Regional Coordinator for the Social
Help and Rehabilitative Effort (SHARE) Programme. He was responsible for Central
Trinidad in delivering Social Services and balanced dietary foods to families while providing 
training and retraining for employment to at risk communities and families under the United
Nations and Government Poverty Index.

Majid through this programme collaborated with CBOs, NGOs and FBOs throughout
Trinidad and Tobago and provided linkages to services for citizens requiring Government
Assistance in all sectors from Business to Medical through Government Grants and Services.
Thereafter Majid’s services to state were brought to the National Infrastructure Development
Company Limited (NIDCO) where he established and maintained positive associations with
the public and mass media on behalf of company, including businesses: non-profits,
government agencies and individuals. He has incorporated a number of skills from different
fields including marketing, journalism and business administration and managed international
relations portfolio for companies and liaison officers for GORTT with contractors and other
regional and international stakeholders, including VINCI / BOUYGUES and AECOM.
Majid presented and maintained a positive public image of the company and proactively
developed media outreach strategies, created and implemented product or service
announcements, worked with vendors and strategic partners and assisted executives with
public speaking engagements. He managed the international relations portfolio for the
company and was a liaison officer for GORTT with contractors. He developed and managed
community relations and specialised in Land Acquisition, Negotiations and relocation of
affected project communities. Majid designed and implemented a unique Private Treaty
Acquisition Campaign derived from Trinidad and Tobago’s Land Acquisition Act (1997) to
ensure projects were completed on time, within budget and with minimal effect on project
communities and stakeholders.

Thereafter Majid was assigned to the Office of the President of NIDCO as Senior Manager,
Communications and Stakeholder Relations. Advising the President of a special purpose state
enterprise and executing agency for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago’s infrastructure
development programme for delivery in excess of fifteen billion Trinidad and Tobago Dollars
in Capital Projects. He was responsible for directing the affairs of the organization in order to
achieve the strategic objectives of developmental activities and programme management and enabling the President, Executive Management and Board of Directors to fulfil its
governance function while ensuring the company’s philosophy, mission, strategy and annual
goals are achieved.

Majid then channelled his expertise into Environmental Management and Communication
where he served under the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) as the
Communications, Education and Public Education Coordinator, for the Nariva Swamp
Restoration Project (NSRP) which was managed and coordinated by the Green Fund and the
EMA for the World Bank. He developed and implemented effective and comprehensive
communication strategies for the exchange and promotion of information regarding the
project. He managed training, public awareness and education of project communities. He
was responsible for all Community Relations and execution of Community Relations
Strategy and the networking and institutional strengthening of over 30 CBOs. Majid
managed this project’s diverse and unique international relations portfolio and was project
and liaison officer for the project with its major funding agency, The World Bank among
other partners locally and internationally.

His service to state continued as Majid served as a Director, Government Information
Services Limited (GISL) and acted as Chairman of the Board and served for five (5) years as
Chairman of the Human Resource Committee as well as various periods on Audit, Tenders
and Finance Committees during his appointment. currently Majid continues to be of service
to state as he was appointed in April 2018, based on his experience and qualification in
Management as a Director, National Emergency Ambulances Services Board where is serves
as Chairman, Complaints Review Committee and also a Member of the Audit and Human
Resources Committees.

During his tenure at the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) for the period 2015 to 2017
he was appointed by the Ministry of Public Utilities as WASA’s liaison for Customer Care
and also by Cabinet for the review and restructuring of the Water and Sewerage Act. Majid
served as Senior Manager, Customer Care, WASA where developed and implemented a
comprehensive and unique service delivery plan for the Authority to deliver improved
reliability of service and care, at all levels, through enhanced technology, community
outreach, digital strategies and public education, while maximising revenue collection. He
managed key stakeholder relations with internal and external publics. Majid coordinated the
Authority’s Customer Contact Call Centre on CISCO and ARMS platforms ensuring adhered
to International Best Practice and RIC standards. He introduced the Authority’s Call Back
Mechanism, Messaging Service Systems and provided key industry training to the team.
Majid provided strategic support in aligning the Authority’s Strategic Plan and KPI’s to
ensure effective management of the Customer Care Division and he identified and researched
trends and advises the Authority on developments within the international utilities sectors and
was a contributor to the Authority’s Water World Magazine and WASA’s “Daily Update”
internal online newsletter.

The diversity in his academic and professional background will be an asset to any
Organization, as he possesses a broad spectrum of knowledge which can be utilised as
appropriate. Additionally his financial, commercial, corporate and legal experience will
enable Majid to easily adapt in order to effectively function in any organisation. Majid’s
international perspective will provide, at a minimum, a unique contribution in terms of
adding value through this position. He is a committed and ambitious individual who is able
to not only adapt, but excel in even the most demanding environments. In addition, the
principles of humility, honesty and integrity are deeply embedded in his character.
Majid earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of West Indies in
History and Politics and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations and has
completed his Masters of Science in International Relations and has specialised in the
development of Small Island States and Poverty Eradication Mechanisms. Majid continued to
expand his academic base and completed his MBA in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and
Innovation to deliver Innovative solutions to the administration of projects and divisions
wherever his career led.

Majid has served at all levels, managing and executing projects in various capacities within
Trinidad and Tobago and the CARICOM region as well as Europe, Brazil and the United
States of America in the fields of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs in both the
public and private sector and is recognized for his unique skill in bringing together both
spheres of the industry.

In his professional career Majid has represented Trinidad and Tobago at various forums
regionally and internationally. He continues to strengthen his skills by continually re-tooling
himself and is also a graduate of the School of Business and Computer Science, the Dispute
Resolution Centre as well as the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and the
Disney Institute among others. He is also a member of the Worldwide Association of Notable
Alumni (WANA). In his private capacity, Majid’s credo of service has led him to volunteer
with the United States Marine Corps attached to the U.S. Embassy, Port of Spain, where he
partnered with the U.S. Marines in their Toys for Tots Campaign. He is a member of the
Reach Out Foundation, Halimah’s Helping Hands, Korea Village Council, Biche Community
Council, Plum Mitan Community Council along with various Primary and Secondary schools
within Trinidad and Tobago.


B.A. (Hons.) P.G. Dip. I.R. M.Sc. ACSP, MBA.


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